Dr. Vijayendra Murthy, MS,PhD

Director of Ayuwave London, England

Dr.Vijayendra Murthy is an internationally acclaimed ayurvedic physician and researcher. He is the director of Ayuwave London, UK (www.ayuwave.com) and visiting academic, Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton. Taking a functional medicine approach, Dr. Vijayendra helps individuals attain their best possible health potential in preventing and managing a wide range of chronic illnesses. Dr. Murthy's diverse medical education and clinical background spanning across India, New Zealand, Australia and England since his first set of medical qualifications in 1995, which has shaped his practice. After nine years of training in Ayurveda alongside medical sciences at medical teaching hospitals from Bangalore University, Dr.Murthy worked in private practice, hospitals, communities and herbal manufacturing, later becoming academic and research leader at a leading natural therapies college in New Zealand. His Masters in public health from the University of Auckland and PhD in Australia on women’s use of complementary and alternative medicine combined with continuous clinical practice has fine-tuned Dr.Vijayendra's methods of public health service. At present, Dr. Murthy lives and practices as the Director of Ayuwave, in London, UK. His healing methodology is quickly attracting a wide range of health seekers and patients including notable celebrities, dignitaries and members of the British Royal family. Recently, Dr. Murthy has begun a cutting edge Radio Show, namely Unlock your Health (www.uyhradio.com) where he presents a wide range of current health topics and interviews world-class scientists, medical professionals, complimentary health experts, healers, and environmentalists.

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