Niklas Oppenrieder

Arzt für Kinder-und Jugendmedizin

Niklas Oppenrieder is a physician in his pediatric residency, living and working in Aschaffenburg, Germany. Inspired by the 2016’s VegMed talk given by Dr. Neal Barnard (, Dr. David Stenholtz (www.lä and Dr. Tanja Kalchenko ( on the power of scientific, whole-food plant-based organizations, he is now a cofounder of PAN – the Physician’s Association for Nutrition (website coming soon).
The organization will educate healthcare professionals and the public on the science of  whole-food, plant-based nutrition and will provide tools to facilitate healthful dietary change.
As an internationally operating association, PAN will provide content, it’s corporate identity and strategic advice on multiple organizational issues to upcoming national PAN branches. PAN’s core team (among others David Stenholtz, Tanja Kalchenko, Allan Kornberg) is right now working on content and tools, on synergies among whole-food plant based organizations worldwide as well as on founding national branches, beginning 2017 with Germany.

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