Prof. Dr. Federico J.A. Perez-Cueto

University of Copenhagen, Dänemark

Federico J.A. Perez-Cueto (Armando), born in La Paz, Bolivia, is Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Food Science, Design and Consumer Behaviour Section.
At the time, he leads work packages within the FoodSMART Project EU grant agreement. Previous EU funded projects where he participated include VeggiEAT (2013-2018), Data Food Networking (DAFNE) and EATWELL, all dealing with the issues of healthy eating Europe. He has been PI of two binational networks (Brazil and USA) on choice architecture for public health purposes, both financed by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. 
He holds a MSc in Rural Development Economics, a diploma in Food Science and Nutrition, and a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences, all from the Ghent University in Belgium. He is visiting lecturer through Erasmus+ Programme at Porto University (Portugal) and also lectures yearly as guest at the University of Jyväskylä (Finland).
Armando has consolidated a multi-disciplinary research approach around different aspects of food and health, including postdoctoral work combining nutrition and consumer research.  His research interests are focused in the promotion at consumer level of plant-based diets using behavioural interventions and highlighting  their healthier and more sustainable qualities.”

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