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Mark Messina

CEO of the Soy Nutrition Institute and co-owner of Nutrition Matters
Loma Linda University, CA, USA

Dr. Messina is the co-owner of Nutrition Matters, Inc., a nutrition consulting company, an adjunct associate professor at Loma Linda University in California, and the Executive Director of the Soy Nutrition Institute. While as a program director with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) he initiated a research program on the anticancer effects of soy. Since leaving the NCI, Dr. Messina has devoted his time to the study of the health effects of soyfoods and soybean isoflavones. He writes extensively on these subjects, having published more than 80 articles and book chapters for health professionals. Dr. Messina is the chairperson of the editorial advisory board and writes a regular column for The Soy Connection, a quarterly newsletter that reaches over 250,000 health professionals. Dr. Messina has organized 10 international conferences on soyfoods and is the co-author of three books, The Simple Soybean and Your Health (Avery Publishing Group, 1994), The Vegetarian Way (Crown Publishers, 1996), and The Dietitian's Guide to Vegetarian Diets: Issues and Applications (Aspen Publishers, 1996; Jones and Barlett, 2004, 2010). Dr. Messina has given over 500 presentations to health professionals and has presented in 51 countries.

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