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Andreas Ciroth

Founder and Director of GreenDelta

Andreas Ciroth is founder and director of GreenDelta, a consulting and software company with focus on sustainability assessment and life cycle analyses. Environmental engineer by education, he finished his PhD (error calculation in LCA) in 2001 at TU Berlin and is working since then in sustainability consulting in research, industry, and policy contexts. Andreas is leading the openLCA project to create a free, open source sustainability assessment software. He holds a lecturer position at the Technical University Darmstadt in Germany, and is author and co-author of several publications, including the following books:

Environmental Life Cycle Costing: A Code of Practice, Taylor & Francis, 2008 Inventory methods in LCA: towards consistency and improvement, VDM 2008 Guidelines for social life cycle assessment of products, UNEP, 2009 Shonan Guidance Principles, UNEP 2012

In broader terms, his interests are: How to assess, and improve, the impacts of human decisions on nature and society - besides arts and playing Badminton.

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