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Ralf Müller-Amenitsch

German representative of the International Vegan Rights Association IVRA

Ralf Mueller-Amenitsch, born in 1963, married. After having studied in Bonn and Lausanne he has worked since 1993 as independent lawer in Berlin with emphasis on employment, family and social law. He gives advanced trainings on law to unions at the police college in Brandenburg. As yoga practitioner he has been lacto-vegetarian for more than thirty years. Since his occupation with the secular ethics on nourishment he personally has turned towards veganism.

He gives talks in interreligious dialogs and at conferences for animal an animal rights activist. He gives workshops on topics such as “Ethics of vegetarianism and veganism” and “Vegan law” at congresses and fairs. Together with the VEBU he organizes the 1. International Symposium on vegan law in April 2016 with participants from 11 nations. Since 2016 he has been the German representative of the International Vegan Rights Association IVRA.

He regularly publishes articles about vegetarian law issues in the VEBU-journal and is author of the book “Vegan law” which will probably be published by Ventil publishers in August 2016.

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